trebuchet wood kit

Kits that make working single-lever ancient weapons of “castle destruction”. Pathfinders’ innovative wooden kits build working replicas of the most infamous and powerful medieval siege engines. Weapons that once smashed castle and fortress walls, changing the course of many a kingdom! The kits are historically accurate models using only wood, rope and leather. Pieces are joined by wooden dowels, not screws or nails. All pieces are pre-cut and drilled requiring only white glue to assemble. The instructions are detailed and complete with educational notes. When assembled, the Trebuchet is 26” L x 18” W x 9” H. These educational science kits take an hour or two to assemble. They are suitable for ages 12 and up, for use only under adult supervision. While these scale models will only be smashing down imaginary castle walls, they are loads of fun to build and use.




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